During the account onboarding process, credit card details are requested to keep on file. If your account is being funded via invoice prepayment, this step may be skipped. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are all accepted.

Payment Methods

A credit card is the primary means of payment for Poplar, but please reach out to your account manager if you plan to mail large volumes consistently and wish to prepay via ACH, wire, or check.

Adding Credits via Credit Card

On the billing page, you can top up your credit balance. As you mail, we will deduct it from this credit balance. We will email a notification if your balance drops to $20 and again a $0. If your balance is insufficient when generating a mailing, it will be paused. You have up to 30 days to top up your account and manually mail the piece.

If your balance is insufficient when creating a One Time Send with an uploaded list, you will be prompted to pay for the cost of the send via your card on file. If you have enabled invoicing, we will not be able to charge the card automatically, and you will need to add the credits manually if there is not enough credit balance.


Auto Recharge

When Auto Recharge is enabled, the card on file will automatically be charged an amount of your choosing when the account balance drops below the set balance threshold.

Changes to the balance threshold and recharge amount will affect the next time a mailing is triggered or once the account balance exceeds the threshold amount. If you need to refill your account balance immediately, you may do so manually by clicking Add Credit via Card.


If you have opted into Invoicing, we will never charge your credit card on file. To add credits, you can request an invoice and pay via wire/ACH. Alternatively, you can add credits manually via card on the billing page. For invoice clients, there is no way to utilize the auto-refill feature.

Pricing & Minimums

The Pricing tab under Billing shows a price-per-piece breakdown of every format and shipping option Poplar offers, including the additional rate for Address Enrichment and Lookalike Prospecting. Poplar has no minimums. If you are using appends, the data fee and printing/mailing cost are calculated separately.