Audience Lists

The Audiences page provides an easy way to store addresses for mailing and suppression. This is especially helpful if you want to suppress a list for an individual campaign, separate from the global Do Not Mail List. Upload a CSV file comprised of either mailing addresses, or email addresses if you opt to use the address enrichment feature.



Required Fields

Below is an example of the required and optional fields for full address data, and emails for address enrichment. The column headers don't need to match perfectly as you'll be prompted to map the required headers upon upload, and ignore any irrelevant columns that may be present in your file. Suppressions are matched against either address or email, so if you are running campaigns using address enrichment, email alone can be used for suppression.

Mailing Address Data

full_name required
max character count: 40
address_1 required
address_2 optional
city required
state required
postal_code required
email optional
identifier optional
custom_merge_tag optional

custom merge tag columns can be stored for creative, but we recommend uploading your CSV file directly to the One Time Send flow whenever possible

Full Address Data

Emails for Address Enrichment

email required
full_name optional
identifier optional
custom_merge_tag optional

Email Only File

When passing audience members to Poplar via the Audience API, be sure to manually create an Audience within the platform first, so you can successfully add members.

Audience File vs. Mail File

Audience Files are commonly used for suppression lists, campaigns using static creative or creatives using only default merge tags, and lists containing emails for Address Enrichment.

Audience File

Extended processing times may indicate an error in formatting. Make sure Ignore this field is selected for any irrelevant columns.

Mail Files are the ideal choice for launching batched campaigns via One Time Send and are the only other option, aside from trigger setup, for supplying custom merge tag data.

Mail File

Do Not Mail List

Maintain your Do Not Mail list by manually uploading a CSV list or integrating with our Do Not Mail API. Members of this list are automatically suppressed across all campaigns.

Do Not Mail

Customers (Orders API)

If you're sharing transactional data with Poplar via Shopify or integration with our Orders API, a list of all your customers will automatically populate this audience which can be optionally selected if you'd like to suppress customers who've already purchased. If you notice duplicate addresses in the list, this is because both shipping and billing address are captured through Shopify.

If you're sharing transactional data from Shopify, you may notice some duplicate addresses. This is not an error as both billing and shipping addresses are being captured.