A high-level preview of what you'll need to get started:

  1. Export: Generate a list of single-use codes in your CMS and export to a CSV file.
  2. Upload: Add the list of promotion codes to a Promotion you create into Poplar.
  3. Send: Associate a promotion with an HTML template you're using for your one-time send or triggered mailing. Poplar will dynamically insert one code per message wherever you insert the promotion tag.
Note : This feature is only intended for sending unique codes to each customer. When sending a single, shared code to many customers, you can:
  • display the code as part of your image
  • use a variable to show the same code to all recipients of a given campaign using merge tags

If the creative includes multiple promotions the generated codes must be uploaded to separate promotion lists with unique names.

Export Discount Codes from Your Commerce System

In your commerce platform, create a set of unique, single-use discount codes for your promotion. You will need to export those codes to a file and then import them into Poplar. The import file must be a CSV with your codes under a header. We recommend "code".

If you are using Shopify, your exported CSV file will already be in a valid format and can be directly uploaded.

Create a Promotion

To use promotion codes, you will need to create a promotion to hold codes that you create in your external commerce system. You'll then specify the promotion in your template for triggered sends or one-time send.

  1. In the left-hand navigation, select Promotions.
  2. Click New Promotion.
  3. Add a Promotion Name. You will use this name to reference the promotion in your templates.
  4. Click Upload File and select your CSV file.
  5. Map the column you wish to import. Click Continue.
  6. Once the codes have been imported, Review & Confirm and click Finish Import.

Adding Promotions to Creative

When uploading an HTML creative, insert a merge tag. We recommend adding {{promotion.promo_code}} to your creative, which will populate a promo code.

  1. Import your creative to your campaign as your normally would.
  2. You can choose the promotion (or promotions) you would like to associate with the campaign during import.

If your Promotion has < 100 available codes, we will send you an email to remind you to refill the promotions.