Shopify Order Data

Measuring the impact of your direct mail campaigns can easily be done from inside the platform. We recommend waiting 30-90 days after your campaign's in-home date to see the full scope of success accurately reflected in the numbers.

Transactional data can be programmatically shared with Poplar via the Poplar for Shopify app, by heading to the Order Data tab and clicking Enable:

This will supply a live feed of order data for in-platform reporting from the moment it is turned on. You can confirm the connection is successful if you head to your Poplar Audiences and click into Customers (Orders API), you should see a list of customer shipping and billing addresses start to populate as orders roll in. You can also confirm the connection by heading to the Transactional Data tab on the API page under Settings in your Poplar account.

If you enable Transactional Reporting after your initial in-home date, you'll have to backfill the order data by exporting from Shopify and manually uploading a CSV to the Transactional Data tab in your Poplar account.

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