State & Zip Code Whitelists

You can restrict mailings to specific states or zip codes. For any lists that are submitted, the state and zip code whitelists will suppress any addresses that fall outside the set parameters. 

Geolocation targeting or suppression happens on an account wide level. This can be toggled under the "Suppressions" tab in your campaign overview menu.


Zip Code Whitelist

From the Geolocation page, navigate to the Zip Codes tab. Click "Add", then, type or paste zip codes in the space provided below. One per line, or separated using commas.

Zip Codes

State Whitelist

From the Geolocation page, navigate to the States tab. Select only the states you wish to mail. 


Creating a Campaign

Select the states or zips you wish to mail. Those left unselected will not be included in the mailing.

Turn on your state/zip code whitelists for each campaign where they are applicable.

  • If you are using both state & zip whitelists at the same time, only the overlapping area will be mailed. 
  • The same settings apply for all campaigns where you have turned the states/zips on.
In the small number of instances an address has forwarding set up there is a chance that the mail piece will be rerouted outside your regional selections.