API: Test & Production Tokens

From the API tab under Integrations, you can generate and name both Production and Test API keys. These keys are used to authenticate each request sent to Poplar. To access Poplar APIs you'll need to use either a Test or Production Access Token.


Test Access Token

Your test access token allows you to send test requests to the Mailing API without actually sending anything, and without being charged. This is the best way to test the success of platform integrations and preview custom merge tags to ensure the necessary data is coming through and populating correctly. Successful Tests can be seen from your campaign's History tab:

Test History

Creative Previews

If you click into a Test mailer labeled In Production, you'll see an image preview of the mailer with the recipient details and merge tag values applied for dynamic creative. If a mailer has a suppressed, insufficient funds, address invalid, or failed (address enrichment not enabled) status a preview ill not be generated.

Image Preview

Request Details

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Request Details. This shows the data that has been sent to Poplar from your third party platform, and is the best way to ensure all the necessary data is coming through (email, customer_id, custom merge tags, etc.) and mapping properly:

Request Details

Additionally, the Merge Tags section can be used to confirm successful mapping. If no value is passed or if the is a mapping error, the set default value will be used:

Merge Tags

Only Custom Merge Tags are listed in this section. If your creative uses Default Merge Tags (first name, city, etc.), the platform will pull that data directly from the recipient object in the request details and it will be visible in the image preview. If your creative pulls in dynamic codes using our Promotions feature, they will be visible in the Promotions section.

Production Access Token

Once you've confirmed the connection is successful and customer data is coming through to Poplar as desired, use your Production Access Token in place of your Test token, save all updates accordingly to go live!