Poplar's Emarsys integration allows you to create a webhook set up in your automations.


Enable Emarsys on Poplar

Navigate to the Integrations > Emarsys page on your Poplar account and click Enable Emarsys. This will generate your secret key and webhook URL.  


Create the Emarsys Webhook Node

1. Open your Emarsys console and navigate to Automation > Webhook Node Presets


2. Name your node preset on Emarsys and select “JWT Authentication” for the Authentication choice. Enter the API endpoint URL and Secret Key from Poplar.


3. Add a key-value pair for each of these Poplar data fields. Map the appropriate Emarsys contact data field using the drop downs on the right.


4. Add Additional Data fields for campaign_id and merge_tags. 


5. Test the connection with the Start Testing button, then save.



Use the Poplar Webhook Node

1. In Emarsys, open any Automation program that you’d like to add a Poplar campaign.

2. In the Nodes window, find the webhook node in the Channels category and place it in your automation.


3. Double-click on the Webhook node you just placed. Select your new Poplar node from the dropdown.

4. Scroll down in this window and add the campaign_id you’d like to send, along with any required merge_tags.


5. That’s it! We recommend testing your automation with before activating it for your customers.

Reach out to support@heypoplar.com for additional assistance