Direct Integrations

If you have implemented a marketing automation platform for email, SMS or push messages you can easily add Poplar direct mail as a new channel to push to.

Partner Integrations

Braze Cordial
Simon Data

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Custom Webhook Integration

If your CRM or marketing stack supports POST requests for JSON or FormURL webhooks, you should be able to quickly configure a trigger for any of the Poplar APIs.

Add a custom JSON Cloud App Template
See their Docs
See their Docs
(Beta) Reach out to your Leanplum account manager
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POST Request

To create a new mailing, you'll want to set up a POST request to

The content-type header should be set to JSON or form-urlencoded



From the API page in your Poplar account, you'll see two access tokens:

Test should be used first for testing your trigger connection, since these requests will not mail and you will not be charged. When using this token, successful requests will appear under the campaign's History tab, click into one and scroll to the bottom to see the Request Details and confirm all the correct data is coming through.

Production should be used when you're ready to set the trigger live.

Configure an Authorization header key and set the value to Bearer Your Test API Key



Reference the Mailing API for all the key value pairs you'll add the content-type as JSON or as a formURL, including campaign_id, creative_id, recipient object and merge_tags object. You'll need to map those to pull from whatever system you are drawing them from.


Test Connection

Successful trigger tests will appear under the campaign's History tab with a red "Test" flag. Click into the mailer, check the PDF proof, merge tags, and Request Details to make sure all data is coming through and populating correctly.

Trigger tests can take up to 5 minutes to appear in the campaign's History tab. If trigger tests are still not appearing after a short wait, review our HTTP Error Guide or reach out to for troubleshooting assistance.

Go Live!

After testing and confirming your integration is successful, swap your Test Access Token out for your Production Access Token to set your trigger live.

You can also trigger your Do Not Mail API, or other various endpoints in the same manner by modifying the URL and the POST content of the webhook.