If you are an Optimizely or Zaius user, you can add the Poplar Direct Mail channel App to your new or existing campaigns. Before integrating and sending tests, make sure you've completed the following:

  • Create a campaign in Poplar
  • Upload creative (this can be a placeholder creative for testing purposes)
  • Locate both your Production Access Token and Test Access Token on the API page of your Poplar Account

Install Poplar Direct Mail Channel

From your Optimizely Dashboard, navigate to the App Directory in the top right and search for Poplar to install the App:


Set Your API Key

Navigate to the Settings tab of the Poplar App in Optimizely to enter either your Test or Production API Key.

We strongly recommend starting with the Test token. It will behave like the Production token and show successful triggers under the campaign's History tab, only nothing will actually mail and you wont be charged. 

Once you've confirmed the connection is successful, the Production API Key can be swapped in its place.


Add Poplar Channel to Your Campaign

Navigate to your Optimizely Campaigns to create or update an existing campaign. 

Establish your audience segment criteria in the Enrollment tab, then move on to the Touchpoints tab to add Direct Mail (Poplar) as a channel:

If you already have an existing Touchpoint such as Email set up, click the + ADD CHANNEL tab at the top to add Direct Mail (Poplar).


Target Your Poplar Campaign

From inside the Target tab, select your Poplar campaign from the dropdown list.

If your campaign isn't listed in the drop down, make sure creative has been uploaded and the campaign is labeled Active for mailing.

If Use addresses when available AND Use email when available are both enabled, make sure Address Enrichment is also enabled for your Poplar campaign. Otherwise emails will not be accepted or matched to physical addresses for mailing.

Custom Merge Tags

If your Poplar creative uses custom merge tags, enable the merge tag option and select the number of custom merge tags present in your creative:

MERGE TAG 1 should contain the value in your Poplar creative (if you have {{custom.promo-code}} in your creative, you'll want to simply enter promo-code), and MERGE TAG 1 VALUE should pull in the data from Optimizely to map to the custom merge tag.

Click the blue Test button in the top right to make sure the data is being pulled into the request correctly. This Test button will not send a test to Poplar, it will only help you preview the data that will be sent in the request.


Go Live (Test)

Save your Poplar channel and campaign settings, the click the green Go Live button:

Since you entered your Test API key under your Poplar App Settings, nothing will actually mail and you wont be charged for incoming requests.

To test the trigger, you can either manually push audience members through the flow or leave the campaign live for a day or two and let the test requests come through organically.

Successful triggers will be visible under your campaign's History tab. Once you've confirmed the connection is successful and all the necessary data is coming through and mapping properly, you can go live to Production.


Go Live (Production)

To switch to Production, navigate to the API page in your Poplar account and copy your Production Access Token.

Then head to the App Directory in Optimizely to bring up the Poplar App. In the Settings tab, paste your Production token where your Test token was under Authorization:

Hit Authorize, then head back to your campaign no make sure it's set live to production!

Need help? Reach out at support@heypoplar.com for assistance.