Suppression Settings

Poplar offers a number of configurable suppression controls to check against before a mailing moves to print. Suppression lists can be uploaded to the Audiences page or set under Geolocations, then selected from a campaign's Suppressions tab. Additionally, account-wide suppressions (such as Minimum Days Between Mailings) can be controlled from your Account Settings.


Audience Suppressions

From the Audiences page, you can create new audiences for suppression and add members manually via CSV upload, or by using the Audience API. From the Suppressions tab within each campaign, you may choose to suppress individual audiences:

Suppression Settings

In the example above, if you're sharing transactional data with Poplar via integration, your customer list can be selected for suppression if you don't want to mail to customer who've already converted.

Do Not Mail List

Maintain your Do Not Mail list by manually uploading a CSV list or integrating with our Do Not Mail API. Members of this list are automatically suppressed across all campaigns.

Customers (Orders API)

If you're sharing transactional data with Poplar, a list of all your customers will automatically populate this audience which can be optionally selected if you'd like to suppress customers who've already purchased.

Geolocation Suppressions

Poplar offers a number of options for suppressing mailers based on recipient address. State and Zip Code Whitelists, Saved Location Options, and Geofence Suppressions from the Geolocation page. These settings can be Enabled or left disabled on a campaign-level.

State & Zip Code Whitelists

Enabling state or zip code whitelist suppressions will suppress any mailings to addresses that fall outside of the states or zip codes saved under the Geolocation page.

State & Zip Code Whitelists

Whitelists can be only be enabled or disabled on a campaign-level, they cannot be differentiated on a campaign basis.

If you're running a year-round triggered campaign promoting flip-flops and only have warmer states selected in your whitelist and enabled for suppression, you wouldn't be able to simultaneously run a campaign for winter coats and enable a whitelist for colder states without disrupting the flip-flop suppressions.

Saved Location Options

When enabled, any addresses that fall outside a custom radius of a saved location will be suppressed from mailing. Saved locations can also be used to customize dynamic creatives by pulling merge field data into the design via Location Based Merge Tags.

Saved Locations

Only Mail in Range
Enabled Blocks any recipient address from being mailed outside the range of a saved location
Disabled Does not block address destinations
Populate Merge Tags
When in Range If the recipient falls within the locations range, it will populate the merge tag with the location specific data. Outside of the range it will leave any location merge tags blank.
Nearest Location Populate location merge tags based on the nearest location to the recipient regardless of the location's range

Geofence Suppressions

Unlike other location based suppressions which can only be enabled or disabled, Geofences can be established to be inclusive or exclusive, then selected for suppression or dynamic creative personalization.

Geofence Suppressions

Account Suppressions

Account-wide suppression settings such as Minimum Days Between Mailings, SLM Global Opt-Out and Suppression Email Domain won't be visible from the campaign's suppressions tab but can be checked and adjusted from the Account Settings page in your account.

Account Suppressions

Minimum Days Between Mailings

The delay acts as a frequency cap with which you can suppress multiple mailings to the same address within a given timeframe.
When mailing multiple samples to the same address, we recommend setting Minimum Days Between Mailings to 0 to avoid unwanted suppressions. Once you've received your samples, approved the mailings, and are ready to go live, we recommend changing this setting to any number of your preference that's larger than 0.

SLM Global Opt-out List

This list includes households who are not interested in receiving promotional mailings. Only adjust this setting to off if using the platform in a non-promotional nature.

Suppression Email Domain

You can suppress mailings to individuals within your own organization by specifying an email domain. Please note that this will only apply if you use the address enrichment feature or supply a customer's email address when triggering your mailings.