Address Enrichment (Email Retargeting)

A Hybrid Approach to Omni-channel Marketing - Email retargeting integrates digital touchpoints with physical outreach, optimizing the customer journey through a combination of online behaviors and offline engagements. Customer email data can be leveraged in a number of ways through online interactions; Poplar enables you to incorporate Direct Mail into your email marketing flows for enhanced and seamless targeted offline campaigns.

Use Cases

  • Abandoned Cart: Target customers earlier in the checkout process, where only email is collected before mailing address is entered.
  • Subscribers and Unsubscribers: Send a promotional mail piece to welcome new subscribers, or retain unsubscribers with a physical mail offer - chances are they're still interested in your product, just not interested in receiving emails.
  • Leads: Any instance where you're able to collect email leads (site views, sign-ups, etc.) Direct Mail can also be utilized to boost engagement.

How it Works

Poplar's Address Enrichment feature is able to match emails to physical mailing address at a 50-80%+ success rate. Our internal tests have generally found that older demographics tend to yield a higher match rate than younger ones. Thanks to the strict accuracy filters we've put in place, there should be a high yield of accurately matched addresses. If applicable,  Enable Address Enrichment when your campaign is created, or Edit an existing campaign to adjust the setting.

Address Enrichment

When making an API request or prepping an audience file, only the email field is required; Poplar will initiate an address search as described in the image below. You will only be charged if an append is successful and will not be charged if a match can't be found. 

Holdout groups are included in the data charge since an email has to find a match in order to be eligible for the holdout group, but the cost of production will not be applied. The system will return  append failed if it is unable to identify an address to match. If it's successful, it'll change the status to mailing_queued.

Your account will be charged the full amount (100% match rate) and will be automatically refunded the remainder after the email appends process is complete. The refund will be credited to your Poplar account (or the original payment method upon request).

If you have $100 in your account and push through three $50 One Time Sends quickly, Poplar will think there is enough there is enough money for all three. By the time the first two are done processing, the third mailing will be suppressed due to lack of funds.

Rules and Limitations

  • You must agree to the Share Local Media Supplemental Terms of Use and reach out via our chat portal to request access to the Address Enrichment feature (for new accounts only).
  • Emails submitted must be customer emails; you should NOT submit emails you have obtained in other ways.
  • Emails must belong to US residents only, Poplar does not ship outside the US.
  • Recipient addresses for append will always be addressed to "Current Resident." Any personalization of the mail piece should not include any PII (personally identifiable information) for that specific customer.
  • When downloading mailing history for Address Enrichment campaigns, address data will be redacted from the file.
  • The use of name merge tags is restricted for recipient privacy purposes.