Transactional Data: CSV Upload

Measuring the impact of your direct mail campaigns can easily be done from inside the platform. We recommend waiting 30-90 days after your campaign's in-home date to see the full scope of success accurately reflected in the numbers.

A CSV record of your order data can be uploaded to the Transactions page of your account. Records can be uploaded more than once, without having duplicates - the platform will ignore duplicates and update any changes to existing orders by order_id.

The maximum file size is 20MB so if your uploading large amounts of order data, we recommend splitting the CSV and uploading separately. 

Upload Order Data

Reports can take a few hours to generate or refresh upon upload. If you have new order data to submit, it is best to upload without deleting the existing data (unless the existing data is flawed).

Required Data

To run attribution reports the platform requires (at minimum) order_id, order_date, shipping address OR billing address and order_amount to calculate revenue related metrics. For campaigns that mailed using emails for Address Enrichment, we accept email OR hashed_email to match against as well.

order_id Required A unique identifier for each order
order_date Required YYYY-MM-DD

Must be an ISO8601 formatted date representing the date and/or time of purchase
order_amount Required/Optional Required to calculate Revenue and related metrics (CPO, ROAS, etc.), must represent the total order value in decimal form

Optional for use cases that don't require revenue tracking (site sign-ups, app downloads, etc.)
customer_id Optional A unique identifier for the transacting customer in your e-commerce system
Required/Optional Required if Shipping Address data is not provided

Optional to include with Shipping Address data
Required/Optional Required if Billing Address data is not provided

Optional to include with Billing Address data
email Optional Can be used to match against campaigns that mailed using emails for Address Enrichment

This data is not stored by Poplar, it is used to compute a hash and then discarded
hashed_email Optional The SHA256 has of the customer's email address as a 64 character string

Please convert the value of the email address to lowercase prior to hashing
metadata Optional Additional order details such as items purchased or New Buyer tags
currency_code Optional Three character ISO country-code - if not provided will default to USD