Download Raw Matches

If you've shared Transactional Data with Poplar, a record of raw matches will be available for download on both a campaign and an account-wide level. It may take up to 24 hours for order data to be processed into matches.

After clicking the link you'll receive an email with the record for download, depending on the amount of data you have stored the email could take up to 20 minutes to arrive. The CSV file will contain all matches and attributions. If you only need attributions, please ensure you filter out matches. Under the column match_type:

A Indicates the order was attributed to that particular mailing
M Indicates the order simply matched to that particular mailing, but was not attributed to that mailing

Poplar reporting follows a last-touch attribution model across campaigns, so it could be that the mail piece was not the last one that the specific customer received. Use the order_id column to trace an attribution back to a specific order.

Data Key

match_id ID unique to that match
campaign_id Poplar campaign ID
campaign_name name of campaign that matched
creative_id unique ID for the creative that matched
mailing_id unique ID for the mailer that matched
order_id external order ID for the match (can be used to trace specific purchase)
customer_id external customer ID
order_date date the order was placed
order_total total cost of the order (occasionally a 0 can appear, this is likely caused by a return or customer service comp)
order_currency payment currency
mailing_cost per piece cost of the single mailer
mailing_state delivered or holdout
send_date date the mailer was launched
in_home_date date the mailer was delivered
match_type A if the mailer was attributed to a conversion, M if the mailer simply matched an address in the mailed group
unique True/False a customer (mailing recipient) has placed 1 or more orders
new_buyer True/False if orders attributed to a mailer came from  a new buyers - New Buyer flag is passed to the platform via Shopify App integration or in the metadata when sending to the Orders API
email_match True/False if customer email matches an email provided with mailing data during launch
billing_address_match True/False if customer's billing address matched the provided mailing address
shipping_address_match True/False if customer's shipping address matched the provided mailing address