If you use Shopify, the easiest way to integrate with Poplar is with the Poplar Mail Shopify application.

Poplar for Shopify supports Abandoned Cart, New Order, New Customer, and Cancelled Order trigger events along with a number of highly specified filter options. If your use case requires another trigger event not listed, please check the Zapier section for an alternative approach.



Head to the Poplar Shopify App store page and click Add app to install.

Sign in to your Poplar account and choose the organization you want to connect with. Your Shopify account and your Poplar account will be automatically linked.



The first time you open the Shopify app, you'll see two playbooks we've pre-built for you. Note: The playbooks have created corresponding campaigns in Poplar.

If this is your first time mailing with us, make sure the following tasks are completed in your Poplar account before continuing:
  • Creative artwork has been uploaded to the campaign in Poplar and is set to Active
  • Your account is properly funded under Billing.

Edit a Playbook

Click Edit and choose Advanced Settings under ACTIONS

From Advanced Settings, you can set a name for the trigger playbook and what type of event you would like to target. Here are a few recommendations for how to use our triggers:

Abandoned Cart

Send mail to potential customers who abandon the checkout process in your Shopify store and get them back on track to convert. The abandon cart delay is automatically set to 24 hours.

New Order

Send mail to customers to request a review or cross-sell/up-sell complementary products after a purchase.

New Customer

Send postcards introducing your brand to a new customer after their first purchase or send them an upsell/cross-sell postcard at a specific time frame after their first order.

Canceled Order

Bring customers who cancel an order back to your site with an offer code.

After choosing your Event Trigger, select the Poplar campaign you want to target. Defaulted creative will automatically be selected to send.

Only one creative can be selected per campaign. To target multiple creatives with the same use case or event trigger, create separate Poplar campaigns for each Playbook.

Once you choose your event trigger, you can optionally add filters to send to a more targeted audience. Choose Add Filter and select any filters you want to apply to the playbook trigger.

Each event trigger comes with its own set of filter options. See the Filter Engine section below for a guide to available filters and their functions.

When selecting filter rules, you have two main options: you can either allow the event to mail if all filters are true or allow the event to mail if any of the filters are true. If you choose not to configure any filters, every event will mail, provided there is enough customer information to do so.


Test & Go Live!

In the Final Touches section, you'll see the option to choose a Test or Production environment. The Test environment will behave as if in production, so you can gauge volume and confirm filter success, only no mail will send and you won't be charged.

We recommend first enabling your playbook under the Test environment, to ensure the connection is successful and requests are coming through to your campaign's History tab in Poplar. 

To go live and start mailing, change this setting to Production and click Save Playbook and switch the status to ON!

Playbooks that are toggled OFF do not send requests to Poplar regardless of the deployment environment.

Transactional Reporting

Transactional reporting is enabled by default. Order data will be shared with your Poplar account and used to generate in-platform reporting metrics. It will also auto-populate the Customers (Orders API) audience with billing and shipping addresses which can then be selected for suppression from other campaigns. Please refer to the Orders API documentation for details on what information is being passed in the call.

Filter Engine

Below is a brief description of each filter and applicable events.

Event Key
New Order NO
Cancelled Order CO
Abandoned Cart AC
New Customer NC
Filter Name Event Triggers Description
Total Price NO, CO, AC The total price of the order
Accepts Marketing NO, CO, AC, NC Whether the customer agreed to receive marketing
Order Count NO, CO, AC How many orders the customer has placed in the past
Line Item SKUs NO, CO, AC Whether an order contains an item with the specified SKU ( case insensitive)
Product Title NO, CO, AC Whether an order contains an item with the specified product title ( case insensitive)
Variant Title NO, CO, AC Whether an order contains an item with the specified product title ( case insensitive)
Total Spend NO, CO, AC, NC The total amount spent by the customer
Verified Email NO, CO AC, NC Whether the customer has verified their email